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Biomeccanica Funzionale Dinamica - Dynamic Functional Biomechanics

Claude Altieri
Italian Edition edited by
Enrico Spagnolo
Biomeccanica Funzionale Dinamica - Dynamic Functional Biomechanics
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Claude Altieri is the founder of the school of Dynamic Functional Biomechanics®, which has provided a different understanding of biomechanical dysfunction. This method is based on an approach developed by the synthesis of pediatric osteopathy, posturology, orthopraxy (manual therapy based on the stimulation of soft tissues), and psycho-biophysics, and represents a decisive innovation in the field of traditional osteopathic thought. This volume introduces the reader to new concepts characteristic of overall functional therapy, useful in providing a means for understanding biomechanical dysfunction. The book is addressed not only to all students and graduates of osteopathy, but also to physical therapists and expert physicians in the manual therapies seeking an innovative approach and a very effective means for identifying and treating somatic dysfunctions, both structural and visceral, to the full benefit of the patient’s well-being.

The volume is enriched by a video section – Learning On Cloud – dedicated to procedures for regulating dysfunctions based on the osteopathic treatment of the Dynamic Functional Biomechanics® method (cervical and thoracic spine).

Technical details

Volume 21 x 27 cm
Pages 184
Richly illustrated in colour (over 200 images)

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