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L’intelligenza nel movimento - Intelligence in Motion

Perception, Self-awareness, Postural Control

Katia Francesconi, Giovanni Gandini
L’intelligenza nel movimento - Intelligence in Motion
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Human movement is not simply a product of force or the ability to resist it. It is not limited to the tension of muscles or stress on the skeleton. Rather, it is expressed firstly as a process of the brain, a personal decision, or an expression of motor intelligence, manifested through the greatest synergy, perfect equilibrium, and a functional attitude. It is fundamental to discover the mechanisms with which the nervous system, via its central and peripheral structures, learns and governs movement. The text expands upon the neurophysiological aspects that regulate movement, explores the state-of-the-art, and examines the most interesting methodologies, including those in the technological realm. Then decidedly practical arguments are developed by way of proposed didactic sequences (450 illustrated exercises) aimed at specific objectives of perception, self-awareness, and postural control through a range of intermediate recommendations involving motor abilities, with the overall result of reeducating or training joint movement, stability, and strength without overlooking neuromotor and postural control. Rich examples of procedural variables are illustrated and often translatable to daily or sport-related actions.


The volume is enriched by a video section (49 videos) – Learning On Cloud – dedicated to experiential anatomy, useful for the proper learning of perceptual experience.

Technical details

Volume 19,5x26 cm
Pages 528
Richly illustrated in colour

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