Anthropometric Assessment in Clinical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sport

Francesco Cagnazzo, Raffaele Cagnazzo
Anthropometric Assessment  in Clinical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sport
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The assessment and classification of the mainly morphological characteristics of the human body, which is the focus of interest of anthropometry, can still today offer valuable support not only to the field of anthropology, but also to the different branches of clinical medicine: this book provides the reader with an extensive collection of standardised measurements, measurement procedures, anthropometric reference values and classical – yet still valid – techniques, and also looks at the many ways in which these can be applied in the fields of clinical medicine, rehabilitation and sports medicine.
The book is divided into three sections: anthropometric assessment and reference standards (measurements and measurement techniques used in anthropometry, skin folds, circumferences, diameters, lengths); topics of special interest, such as pubertal standards, constitutional anthropometry, the biological bases of personality and temperament, body composition; fields of application of anthropometry, from assessment of nutritional status to auxological anthropometry.
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Volume 21 x 29,7 cm
Pages 416
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