Ultrasound imaging & guidance for Musculoskeletal Interventions in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

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Editor: Levent Özçakar

ISBN: 978887051698-2



‘Seeing is believing' and ‘you see, you can simply have access to it'. Suffice it to say, this motto is actually the single-sentence summary of this whole book as regards ultrasound (US) imaging and guidance for musculoskeletal interventions.
With 55 pertinent videos, this book is the 3rd product in the ‘PRM arsenal' for US. After the 1st book ‘Musculoskeletal Ultrasound in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine' published in 2014 (mainly for beginners), the 2nd book ‘Sonographic Atlas for Common Musculoskeletal Pathologies was published in 2017. In that (maintenance) project, we briefly aimed to ‘accompany' our colleagues in their daily clinical practice as they started to use US, mainly for diagnostic purposes.
Having been translated to other languages (Spanish, Italian, Turkish) as well, we believe that both projects have accomplished their ‘responsibility' until now.
Needless to say, US plays a paramount role during musculoskeletal interventions i.e. not only for precise guidance but also for prompt clinical decision making in advance. This is, by far, the reason why we have put equal emphasis on imaging and guidance in this project. Hence, instead of the standard ‘US-guided intervention', we prefer the state-of-the-art ‘US guides the intervention'. In this sense, trying to include as many musculoskeletal procedures as possible, we have put our ‘extra spin' in this textbook. A few examples would be suture injections, radiofrequency ablations, shockwave applications, or minor surgeries, etc. Lastly, and above all, we believe that it is US itself that pushes us ‘off the scale'. As such, enjoy reading another book with US/us...



Size: 19.5 x 26 cm
Pages: 352
Richly illustrated in colour


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